Variah Kel

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Variah Kel
Variah Kel World.png
Variah Kel Portrait.png
General data
RolePrisoner of war
FactionsVendrien Guard
LocationScarlet Chorus camp
QuestsTaking the Outer Valley

Variah Kel is a character in Tyranny.

Background[edit | edit source]

A woman in the makeshift armor of the Vendrien Guard lurches forward in agony. Her soiled, trembling legs suggest she has been forced to stand for days. Variah joined up out of folly, driven by pure passion. However, her capture by the Chorus and subsequent days-long torture resulted in a change of heart. She refuses to give up her bargaining chips, however, and just spill what she knows.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

This character is involved in quests.

Taking the Outer Valley

  • Interrogating her is a part of the main quest. She professes to tell the truth, but as the Fatebinder, you know better.
    • With Athletics 20, you can intimidate her into telling the truth.
    • With Subterfuge 30, you can detect that she's lying.
    • Or you can threaten to feed her to Nerat, which will crack her open.
  • In either way, this will produce a ciphered missive from the body of her companion. You can let Fifth Eye slay her for the apparent lie or have him spare her and start an initiation rite. You can choose to make her a warrior and fight her other two comrades to the death, an agent (gaining an insider), or simply use her as a slave and pig chow.
  • If sent as agent and player decides to join rebels she will give you helm at next encounter

Inventory[edit | edit source]