Variah Saris

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Variah Saris
General data
FactionsKingdom of Azure
House Variah

Queen Variah Saris was the ruler of the Kingdom of Azure at the time of the Conquest. She was a figurehead, whose title had little actual power. Control of the realm has long since passed into the hands of wealthy agricultural barons.[1] Queen Variah Saris was killed by the Edict of Stone that pulverized the Grand Palace of Azure.[2]

References[edit | edit source]

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  2. Lore: "The mark this individual bears is the seal of House Variah, one of the leading houses of Azure prior to the Edict of Stone. The members of the royal family were all thought present in the Grand Palace of Azure on the same day the Edict was cast; the entire building was pulverized by grinding stone in moments. However, judging by this man's age and the seal he wears, he is likely one of the last surviving children of the Queen Regent."