Water Intoxication

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Water Intoxication
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Quest data
LocationBastard's Wound farm
Given ByTycho
RewardSterile Sallet

Water Intoxication is a quest in Bastard's Wound.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Tycho is in charge of the Farm at Bastard's Wound. She's noticed that lately the crops have not been growing correctly due to water tampering. She has asked you to look into the matter. Someone in the Bastard's Wound Farm must have seen or heard something about what is happening with the crops. Investigate by speaking to people around the farm.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • [WARNING] You should complete this quest before completed History of the Oldwalls: Part II in 1.2.1, else talk to Oceans-Fury won't show any quest dialogue and cause the quest can't be completed. This is a bug in 1.2.1.
  • Another investigation! Talk to Oceans-Fury to learn that both Lunet and Kleitos are hiding things and skulking around the farm. Look by the glowing mushroom farm to find discolored ash and by the entrance for some dehydrated moss. Then confront both of them.
  • Lunet will deflect to Kleitos. With Athletics 57 you can intimidate her, with Subterfuge 31 lie that Kleitos pointed to her (or say the truth), and Lore 52 to poke holes in her reasoning. She will reveal she is working for Wagstaff, to make the people flock to him for leadership. Then, if you also have the moss, you have proof and can force her to stop - or ignore the situation. Punching her in the fact nets you a loyalty boost with Killsy.
  • Kleitos will feign ignorance. You can intimidate him with Athletics 52, Subterfuge 57, or Lore 67. He will confess that he did sabotage the crop in order to generate support for Jaspos. With discolored ash, you can prove his involvement and make him stop. Grabbing him by the crotch and squeezing will net a minor loyalty boost with Killsy.
  • Return to Tycho. You can inform her that nothing's amiss, reveal Wagstaff and Jaspos' involvement, or reveal that and implicate Lunet and Kleitos (ensuring they get shanked). The reward is the Sterile Sallet.