Welcome to Ruin

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Welcome to Ruin
Welcome to Ruin.png
Quest data
LocationEdgering Ruins
Given ByAutomatic
Related quests
leads to:
The Conqueror's Will

Welcome to Ruin is a quest in Tyranny.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

You've arrived at the outskirts of Vendrien's Well, at the old remains of the Edgering Fort. Just as one of the Crescent Runners was getting you up to speed on the situation, the Vendrien Guard attacked. Help Kyros' forces fight back the rebel assault.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • The Vendrien Guard broke through the fort's defenses, and now make their way toward the valley entrance. Head them off and dispatch as many as you can. Help the Disfavored battle the Vendrien Guard.
  • You fought your way through the Vendrien Guard attempting to flee the valley. Defeat the remaining enemy forces that continue to press their attack in camp.
  • Head to the gorge to find Pelox Tyrel hold Commander Drastus at dagger point. At this point:
    • Rushing Tyrel will earn wrath with Disfavored, as he will kill the Commander (unless you have Athletics 30 or more).
    • If you killed the Queen during the Conquest or negotiated a peaceful settlement, you can taunt him into attacking you or persuade him into giving up the knife. In both instances, he'll be slaughtered by the Disfavored.
    • Chewing the Disfavored out for violating the promise of safety if Tyrel gave up the knife will earn minor Wrath with the Disfavored and subsequently telling them that your honor is important to you will earn you minor Favor with the Disfavored.
  • Head out the gate to complete the quest.